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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileRick ProlAmericanAmerican, active from the early 1980s
Media FileSamuel Gillespie ProutBritishBritish, 1822–1911
Media FileJanis ProvisorAmericanAmerican, born 1946
Media FileProvostFrenchFrench, active 1860–1880
Media Fileafter Pierre-Paul PrudhonFrenchFrench, 1758–1823
Media FileRobert PruittAmericanAmerican, born 1975
Media FileGerald Spencer PryseBritishBritish, 1881–1956
Media FilePu XinyuChineseChinese, 1896–1963
Media FilePu RuChineseChinese, 1896–1963
Media FilePublished by art service department, Union of chinese artists