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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileAnne Noonan
Media FileLazlo Passi NorbertoBorn 1984 in Italy; lives and works in New YorkBorn 1984 in Italy; lives and works in New York
Media FileJean-Pierre Norblin de la GourdaineFrenchFrench, 1745–1830
Media FileBror Julius Olsson NordfeldtAmericanAmerican, 1878–1955
Media FileAugust Henry NordhausenAmericanAmerican, 1901–1993
Media FileSimon NorfolkBritish, born NigeriaBritish, born Nigeria, 1963
Media FileNoriyuki, Hamano
Media FileBonnie Thompson Norman
Media FileDorothy NormanAmericanAmerican, 1905–1997
Media FileJoseph NormanAmericanAmerican, born 1957