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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileSac MagiqueBritishBritish, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland
Media FileMagnum Photos
Media FileRandy MagnusAmericanAmerican, born 1933
Media FileRené MagritteBelgianBelgian, 1898–1967
Media FileNoel MahaffeyAmericanAmerican, born 1944
Media FileJames Owen MahoneyAmericanAmerican, 1907–1987
Media FileEstate of James Owen Mahoney
Media FileMaiano, Benedetto daItalian1441 - 1497
Media FileMaiano, Giuliano daItalian1432 - 1490
Media FileAristide J. B. MaillolFrenchFrench, 1861–1944