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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileAttributed to Homer Dodge MartinAmericanAmerican, 1836–1897
Media Fileafter Jean-Baptiste Martin, the elderFrenchFrench, 1659 - 1735
Media FileJulie Martin
Media FileKnox MartinAmerican, born ColombiaAmerican, born Colombia, 1923
Media FileLena Swing MartinAmericanAmerican
Media FileStefan MartinAmericanAmerican, 1936–1994
Media FileStephan Martin
Media FileEzio Martinelli
Media FileAttributed to François Nicolas MartinetFrenchFrench, 1739 - after 1796
Media FileJulian MartinezPueblo (USA)Pueblo (USA), 1885–1943