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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileVincent John LongoAmericanAmerican, born 1923
Media FileVincent Lorant-HeilbronnFrenchFrench, 1874–1912
Media FileWifredo LamCubanCuban, 1902–1982
Media FileWilhelm LehmbruckGermanGerman, 1881–1919
Media FileWilhelm LeiblGermanGerman, 1844–1900
Media FileWilliam F. and Nancy Litwiller
Media FileWilliam Lowther, 2nd Earl of LondsdaleEnglishEnglish, 1757 - 1844
Media FileWolfgang LaibGermanGerman, born 1950
Media FileWong Chai LokHong KongHong Kong, born 1924
Media FileWorkshop of Georges LallemandFrenchFrench, ca. 1580–1636