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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media Fileattributed to the King FamilyAmericanAmerican
Media FileE. King
Media FileFrancis Scott KingAmericanAmerican, 1850–1913
Media FileJames S. KingAmericanAmerican, 1852 - 1925
Media FileJeff KingNavajoNavajo, 1860–1964
Media FileJessie Marion KingScottishScottish, 1875 - 1949
Media FileMarcia Gygli KingAmericanAmerican
Media FileWilliam KingAmericanAmerican, 1925–2015
Media FileDong KingmanAmericanAmerican, 1911–2000
Media FileElbridge KingsleyAmericanAmerican, 1842–1918