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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media Fileafter Frans HuysFlemishFlemish, ca. 1522–before 1562
Media FileAfter Hans Holbein the YoungerGermanGerman, born 1497 or 1498, died 1543, active in Switzerland and England
Media Fileafter Jean Jacques HennerFrenchFrench, 1829–1905
Media Fileafter Jean-Baptiste Huet IFrenchFrench, 1745–1811
Media Fileafter Maerten van HeemskerckNetherlandishNetherlandish, 1498–1574
Media FileAfter Winslow HomerAmericanAmerican, 1836–1910
Media FileAl HeldAmericanAmerican, 1928–2005
Media FileAl HirschfeldAmericanAmerican, 1903–2003
Media FileAlan Hartell
Media FileAlbany E. HowarthBritishBritish, 1872–1936