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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileGu FangChineseChinese, active early 18th century
Media FileGu WendaChineseChinese, born 1955
Media FileGu WukanChineseChinese, active early 20th century
Media FileGu YunChinese1835 - 1896
Media FileGu JingzhouChineseChinese, 1915 - 1996
Media FileGu LuoChineseChinese, 1763 - after 1837
Media FileTheo GubelmanAmerican and GermanAmerican and German, active late 19th century
Media FileManlio GubertiItalianItalian, born 1917
Media Fileafter GuérardFrenchFrench, 19th century
Media FileGuercinoItalianItalian, 1591–1666