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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileCornelis Galle IFlemishFlemish, 1576–1650
Media FileCornelis Galle IIFlemishFlemish, 1615–1678
Media Fileattributed to Philip GalleFlemishFlemish, 1537–1612
Media FilePhilip GalleFlemishFlemish, 1537–1612
Media FileTheodor GalleFlemishFlemish, 1571–1633
Media FileGalloItalianItalian
Media FileFrank GalloAmericanAmerican, born 1933
Media FileGambleFrenchFrench
Media Fileattributed to Gaetano GandolfiItalianItalian, 1734–1802
Media FileNakatani GankoJapaneseJapanese, active early 20th century