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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileF. Caro, C.T. Loo, Inc., 41 E. 57th Street, New York
Media FileF. Kleinberger Gallery
Media FileJohn Faber IIDutchDutch, active England, ca.1695–1756
Media FileFabian Carlsson Gallery
Media Fileafter François-Xavier FabreFrenchFrench, 1766 - 1837
Media FileRalph FabriAmericanAmerican, born Hungary, 1894–1975
Media FileFactory Additions, New York
Media FileÖyvind FahlströmSwedish, active in the United StatesSwedish, active in the United States, 1928–1976
Media FileAvard Tennyson FairbanksAmericanAmerican, 1897 - 1987
Media FileFaithorn Company, Chicago