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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileLucien ClergueFrenchFrench, 1934–2014
Media FilePierre ClerkCanadian, active United StatesCanadian, active United States, born 1928
Media FileCleto Munari FirmeItalianItalian, 20th - 21st century
Media FileClarice CliffBritishBritish, 1899 - 1972
Media FileChuck CloseAmericanAmerican, born 1940
Media FileJudith Coady
Media FileCharles CobelleAmericanAmerican
Media FileAlvin Langdon CoburnBritish and AmericanBritish and American, 1882–1966
Media FileCharles Nicolas Cochin IFrenchFrench, 1688–1754
Media Fileafter Charles-Nicolas Cochin IIFrenchFrench, 1715 - 1790