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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileWilliam CallowBritishBritish, 1812–1908
Media Fileafter Charles West CopeBritishBritish, 1811–1890
Media FileJohn CousenBritishBritish, 1804 - 1880
Media FileEdward CalvertBritishBritish, 1799–1883
Media FileDavid CoxBritishBritish, 1783–1859
Media FileJohn ConstableBritishBritish, 1776–1837
Media Fileafter John ConstableBritishBritish, 1776–1837
Media FileJohn CromeBritishBritish, 1768–1821
Media FileAlvin Langdon CoburnBritish and AmericanBritish and American, 1882–1966
Media FileJames CremerBritish and AmericanBritish and American, 1821–1893