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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileLucien ClergueFrenchFrench, 1934–2014
Media FileJean CharlotFrench, active Mexico and United StatesFrench, active Mexico and United States, 1898–1979
Media FileRoger ClamagirandFrenchFrench, born 1920
Media FileGuy CharonFrenchFrench, born 1927
Media FileThierry CheverneyFrenchFrench, born 1954
Media FileFrancois CollignonFrenchFrench, ca. 1609–1657
Media FileMarcel ChevalierFrenchFrench, late 19th / early 20th century
Media FileLucas Cranach, the ElderGermanGerman, 1472–1553
Media Fileafter Lucas Cranach the ElderGermanGerman, 1472–1553
Media FileLucas Cranach the YoungerGermanGerman, 1515–1586