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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileGuy CharonFrenchFrench, born 1927
Media FileFrancois Philippe CharpentierFrenchFrench, 1734–1817
Media FileAllan ChasanoffAmericanAmerican, born 1936
Media FileLouisa L. ChaseAmericanAmerican, 1951–2016
Media FileWilliam Merritt ChaseAmericanAmerican, 1849–1916
Media FileThéodore ChassériauFrenchFrench, 1819–1856
Media FileRoger ChastelFrenchFrench, 1897 - 1981
Media FileFrançois ChauveauFrenchFrench, 1613–1676
Media FileCarlos Antorio ChavezLatin AmericanLatin American, born 1935
Media FileChuang CheChinese, lives and works in the United StatesChinese, born 1934; lives and works in the United States