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Primary media Name Nationality Date
Media FileA. A. Childs and CompanyAmericanAmerican
Media FileA. P. Critchlow and CompanyAmericanAmerican, 19th century
Media FileElfriede AbbeAmericanAmerican, 1919–2012
Media FileEdwin Austin AbbeyAmericanAmerican, 1852–1911
Media FileBerenice AbbottAmericanAmerican, 1898–1991
Media FileJim Allen "Jimbo" AbelIndonesianIndonesian, born 1975
Media FileEduardo AbelaCubanCuban, 1889–1965
Media FileSigmund AbelesAmericanAmerican, born 1934
Media FileIda AbelmanAmericanAmerican, 1910–2002
Media FileBani Abidiborn 1971 in Pakistan; lives and works in India