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Name: Amédée Querry
Date: French, 1825 – 1900
Remarks: Father of Alice Berthe (nee Querry) Finlay, who was grandmother of Daniel Finlay, one of the owners of 2011.086, and from whom we purchased the tile. Amédée was a drogman (or translator, specifically for Arabic languages), who eventually became Consul for the French Legation to Persia. An article in French on Amédée: by Florence Hellot-Bellier. Amédée Querry: drogman en Perse au milieu du XIXe si`ecle. Cet article doit servir de préface `a une nouvelle publication de la traduction en fran¸cais du ”Sc.. 2009. <halshs-00672925> (Submitted on 22 Feb 2012 ). In object file for 2011.086. And a second article, which includes his birth and death dates can be found in the entry by Jean Calmard on "GOBINEAU, Joseph Arthur" (originally published: December 15, 2001; last updated: February 9, 2012.) on (accessed Apr-12-2016).