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Name: Dr. William C. Haines
Date: American, 1915 - 1987
Dr. William C. Haines
Remarks: Collector of Native American objects (the Haines Collection). With his father Dr. William Homer Haines, they were doctors in a remote part of California, whose patients included Native Americans who traded goods for services. From a brief description in the object file for 2014.013.001, Drs. Haines lived and worked in "Etna, California during the last quarter of the 19th Century and the first quarter of the 20th Century. Etna is located south west of Yreka...This location placed them at the eastern edge of the Karok range, between the Northern Wintun and the Shastan people. According to Gene Haines, a nephew of Dr. William Haines and executor of his estate, his uncle and grandfather worked in approximately a 100 mile radius from their home in Etna, which was a pretty fair ride on horseback in mountainous country. They frequently traded their services for baskets when the Indians they treated could not make cash payments. At other times, their patents might bring by chickens r other foodstuffs as payment for services. Following the family's departure from that are in the late '20's, Dr. William Haines resided in San Francisco until his death in 1987. The basket collection had remained in large boxes in his home for other 50 years. All were quite dirty, and many had old safety pins attached, which Gene Haines explained were used to attach them to a large net in a hallway of the Haines home in Etna, which he remember from boyhood."