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Name: Dr. Julius Gattner
Date: 1894 - 1990
Dr. Julius Gattner
Remarks: Dr. Julius Gattner was a German emigree who came to America and established himself as a physician in Endicott, NY. He collected a range of objects, including Asian art and ceramics, and oriental rugs. He was a very private person, and after his death, his collection went to Nancy J. Powell, of Vestal, NY, who had looked after him later in his life. She then donated two bronze Thai heads (2010.084.001 and .002) to the Johnson Museum, through the Binghamton University Art Museum (BUAM), upon her death in 1993. Dr. William Voelkle, curator at the Morgan Library, New York, is originally from Endicott, NY and knew Dr. Gattner. At the suggestion of Lucie Nelson, curator at BUAM, Alexandra Palmer, Provenance Researcher, spoke with Dr. Voelkle on Mar-17-2015 to see if he had any more information on either Dr. Gattner or the Thai bronze heads. Dr. Voelkle knew Dr. Gattner only because the former was the latter's parents' physician, and he wasn't familiar with the bronze heads, at all. Please see notes from the phone call in the file for 2010.084.001.