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Name: Susie Clah
Remarks: For 2011.033.005: The artist's name is Susie Clah, not Susie Clark. On the undated, typed history included in W.H. Bemis' scrapbook, there is a handwritten note, in black ink: "Susie Clark (?), weaver." There is also, however, a small circular metal-edged tag attached to a string, included in the scrapbook, handwritten in blue ball point pen on one side: "Feb/ 1963/ May// [an underscore written perpendicular to the date]/ Susie/ Clah"; and on the verso of the tag, handwritten in blue ball point pen: "AXCY/ [underscore]/ 128007" She was probably (but it is not known for certain) born 1900 in Farmington, San Juan, New Mexico, and died in 1973. There is also a Susie Clah, born 1944, in Dennehotso, AZ. Both women were found on, Jun-8-2015.