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Name: Ken (J.J.) Baars
Date: Dutch, 1924 – 2010
Remarks: 4/18/2016: Found on that Mr Jacobus Johannes Baars was born in 1924 (probably in the Netherlands) and died in Surrey, England on 28 Mar 2010. See copy of entry printed off and in the object files for 2014.002 and 2014.043 3/2/2015: According to Eric Zetterquist, Kenneth Barr was an elderly and very private English collector who lived close to London, but not in London. Barr started collecting in the early 1960s/1970s; Zetterquist met him in the early 1990s. Barr has since died, but Zetterquist is does not know when. (See handwritten notes from phone conversation between Zetterquiest and Alexandra Palmer, Provenance Researcher, in object file for 2014.043).