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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileBerenice Abbott Untitled86.135.313
Media FileBerenice Abbott Untitled86.135.363
Media FileBerenice Abbott Untitled86.136.033
Eugène Atget Organ-grinder and street singer1898-99 (negative); printed later69.148
Media FileEugène Atget [Fireplace with shoes and clocks]1910 (negative); 1956 (print)2009.083.001
Eugène Atget Mannequins, children's clothesca. 1925 (negative); printed later69.149
Berenice Abbott Claude MacKay1925–30 (negative); ca. 1980 (print)85.068.060
Berenice Abbott [Seated man]1925–30 (negative); ca. 1980 (print)85.068.011
Berenice Abbott [Woman with scarf]1925–30 (negative); ca. 1980 (print)85.068.014
Berenice Abbott [Boy with jacket and shorts]1925–30 (negative); ca. 1980 (print)85.068.001