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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileUnidentified artistChinese Woman's Informal RobeLate 19th century2002.044
Media FileDeborah Meserve Floral Sunburst Trapunto and Patchwork Quiltca. 1895 (fabrics ca. 1860-1880)2002.093
Media FileAmerican "Oak Leaf and Currants" pattern quilt, with "Lily of the Valley" borderca. 19102002.094
Wari (Peru) Wari Poncho Tunic2002.121
Moche (Peru) Moche Panel Fragment with Four Figures500-700AD2002.122
Lambayeque (Peru) Lambayeque Tunic Panelca. 1000-1350AD2002.123
South Coast (Peru) Nasca Feather Bagca. 500-1000AD2002.124
Media FileFulani Arkila kerka (wedding blanket)ca. 1963 (collected 1988)2003.069.001
Media FileNupe Duna (ceremonial wrapper)mid-20th century2003.069.002
Fante (Ghana) Asafo flag (frankaa)mid-20th century2003.069.003