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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileDoris Gilmore Two Gray Hills Rug19822011.033.009
Phyllys Francis Horned Toad Rug19832011.033.002
Judy Chicago The Crowning Needlepoint 5198491.040.001 a
Judy Chicago Birth Goddess198491.040.002 a
Judy Chicago Embroidery work sample198491.040.002 b
Media FileDiane Itter Spring Flight198888.042
Media FileJim Hodges Blanket ["If there had been a pool it would have reflected us"]199899.028
Balinese (Jembrana) Rectangular hanging (tabing) depicting Wisnu Riding Garuda20032007.031.012
Louise Bourgeois Girl with Hair20072011.024
Anna Betbeze Woods20142014.019