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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media File Batik20th Century2006.039
Media FileElizabeth Gibson Pratt Blanket or spread depicting animals, Christmas scene and Biblical textmid- to late-19th century2006.055
Media FileAji Supomo Scene of ogres and King of Lanka, from the Ramayana1962 - 19642007.023
Ersari-Beshir Prayer rugearly 19th Century2008.019
Media FileMinerva Wheeler Coverlet having a circular design at center, and a border of leaves and flowers18462008.025.005
Media FileAttributed to Samuel Folwell The Ascension2009.027.005
Louise Bourgeois Girl with Hair20072011.024
Phyllys Francis Horned Toad Rug19832011.033.002
Media FileMary Woods Chinle; Chief's blanket19762011.033.004
Susie Neztsosie Storm pattern rugmid-20th century2011.033.006