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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Jege CoulibalyBamana (Mali) Married Woman's Skirt (Sa Ni Kili)87.012.005
Yourou CoulibalyBamana (Mali) Married Woman's Skirt87.012.004
Djotene DiarraBamana (Mali) Woman's Skirt (tafé)87.012.002
Media FileGrandma Emmerel Red and white quilt (probably a wedding quilt)18882013.050.006
Ersari-Beshir Prayer rugearly 19th Century2008.019
Media FileAttributed to Samuel Folwell The Ascension2009.027.005
Phyllys Francis Horned Toad Rug19832011.033.002
Media FileDoris Gilmore Two Gray Hills Rug19822011.033.009
Media FileJim Hodges Blanket ["If there had been a pool it would have reflected us"]199899.028
Media FileDiane Itter Spring Flight198888.042