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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
After Alexander Calder Balloons197488.001.004
Jan Yoors Dream197378.071
Media FileBalinese (Negara) Rectangular hanging (tabing) depicting Bomo and floral designs19712007.031.121
Media FileUnidentified artistNavajo White rug with black and brown squares19712011.033.012
Joanne Segal Brandford Central Square First Baptist197080.006
Media FileBali, Negara Eave hanging (ider-ider) with lotus19702007.098.043
Media FileAmerican (Amish) "Diamond in Square" pattern quilt in burgundy, green and bluecollected 1970s2007.093
Media FileAhza Cohen Arrow in Four Parts196977.066.001 a-d
Media FileGlen Kaufman Nineteen-Sixty-Eight Totem196977.066.002
Media FileBalinese (Negara) Ceiling canopy (leluwuor)19682007.031.130