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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileAmerican Quilt with framed central motifearly 19th century2013.050.003
American Quilt with Flying Geese pattern19th century2013.050.008
American Quilt with Bear's Paw pattern19th century2013.050.010
American Harvest Sun pattern quilt19th or early 20th century2013.050.011
Media FileAmerican Hexagon pattern quilt19th century2013.050.013
Media FileAmerican Quilt with Bow Tie or Double Twos pattern19th century2013.050.014
American Quilt with Tumbling Block pattern19th century2013.050.015
Media FileAmerican Quilt19th century2013.050.016
Media FileAmerican Ocean Waves pattern quilt19th or 20th century2013.050.018
Media FileAmerican Lady of the Lake pattern quilt19th century2013.050.019