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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Marcos Grigorian #3 Earthwork196580.041
Michael Ashkin #7119972010.058 a-c
Media FileRobert J. Tucker 113196868.244
Media FileGeorge Rickey 20 Squares 2 Cubes99.078.020
Media FileGerhardt Marcks 3 Grieschische Tabzer196073.068.001
Media FileSol LeWitt 9 Pyramids on a 9-Part Grid19912001.026
Oded Halahmy A Place in the East198183.049
Saul Baizerman Adriana1950-5791.063
Haiti Adult and two children in a small boat88.064.012
Media FileBruno Lucchesi After Shopping198989.032.002