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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileLawren S. Harris "Good Bye, Dad I'm off to fight for Old Glory, You Buy U. S. Gov't Bonds"ca. 191777.056.009
Jules Chéret "La Terre" par E. Zola189776.093.003
Adolphe-Louis-Charles Crespin (M.) Paul Hankar, Architecte189776.093.025
Media FileLena Swing Martin (still life)189478.057.008
Media FileKetterlinus Litho. Mfg. Company, Publishers 150 Years of American Independence192578.057.026
Media FileInternational Association of Printing House Craftsmen 500th Anniversary of the Invention of Printing194078.057.030
Georges de Feure A Jeanne D'Arc [To Joan of Arc]189676.093.046
W. C. Greenough A Knight of the Nets189677.067.011
René Pean A La Place Clichyca. 189976.093.090
Maximilien Luce A La Scala-Mevistoca. 189876.093.055