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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Unidentified artistChinese Versions of Punishment Prisoner having heel cut62.0123
Media FileChinese Ancestor Painting62.2766
Zhang LuChinese Scholar on a River Bank16th century62.3320
Bada ShanrenChinese Bird on a Rock169264.1045
Wang JianChinese LandscapeQing dynasty, 167164.1047
Xie ShichenChinese Yuan An reclining during a SnowstormMing dynasty, 155964.1048
Unidentified artistChinese Bamboo13th-14th century64.1052
Media FileChen YunshengChinese Snow SceneQing dynasty, 188269.152
Wu GuxiangChinese BambooLate 19th century66.101
Zhu LunhanChinese Visiting Friends with a Qin18th century69.015