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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileRam Kumar Untitled [inscribed 90-2007 on verso]20072011.093.001
Joe Hardesty Three Boys20082010.068.001
Kengo Kito Cosmic Gold Dust20092009.034 a,b
Doreen Reid Nakamarra Women's ceremonies at Marrapinti20092009.042.001
Reference image made public with permissionLee Sun-Don Dragon Angel Delivering Fortune and Longevity 220092010.017
Yao Jui-chung Rock Climbing, from the series Dust in the Wind20092010.036
Alexander Ross Untitled20102010.082
Elizabeth Neel From Hinge to Hinge, the Interlimb20102010.092.002
Leslie Brack Sunset20102011.022
Media FileTreacy Ziegler Land and Water20102011.092.004