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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileBritish [Ferrying livestock]19th century2008.092.005
Unidentified artistBurma Buddha and Attendants20th century89.038.018
Byzantine Icon of the Birth of the Virgin Mary81.012.022
Media FileByzantine Icon of Christ Enthronedca. 1200-140094.011.002
Byzantine (?) Icon of St. Matthewca. 1200-140094.011.001
Wang WuChina Chrysanthemums and Bamboo among Rocks167584.105.002
Zhao ZuoChina Thousands of Mountains Invite Hermit Scholars160455.088
Unidentified artistChina Scholar and Attendant in a Mountain Landscapeearly 15th century95.009
China Xuantian Shangdi (Zhenwu), god of the NorthMing Dynasty, early 15th century2000.003
Huang ShenChina Scholar and ServantLate 17th century79.092.005