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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileFrench Triumphal Chariot drawn by Snakes1780-18302008.041.005
Media FileUnidentified artistIndian Seated Woman20th century62.3367
Unidentified artistIndian Portrait of Raja Giyar Singca. 180074.060.007
Style, Rajasthan pahariIndian Man in a Dress-like Robelate 18th century74.060.008
Unidentified artistIndian Portrait of Raja Ghamand Chand74.060.011
Style, PahariIndian Krishna and the Milk Maids20th century74.060.002
Unidentified artistIndian Portrait of a Noblemanmid-18th century74.060.014
Unidentified artistIndian Raja Raj Singh of Chamba74.060.028
Style, RajasthanIndian Study SketchesLate 18th century74.060.031
Unidentified artistIndian Hunter Chasing a Hare20th century74.060.036