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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Brian Rutenberg Untitled (Trees)20072009.030.001
Media FileAdam Fowler Untitled (14 layers)20072013.033
Peggy Preheim Check-mate20082010.023
Joe Hardesty Twins20082010.068.002
Media FileMinna Resnick Adding 220082011.053.003
Pouran Jinchi Tajvid Red, from the series Recitation20092010.042
Media FileGendron Jensen Untitled (Bidden IV)20092010.050
Media FileMinna Resnick Change of Perspectives20102011.053.001
Tiffany Chung Flora and Fauna Outgrowing the Future20102014.014.002
Hajra Waheed Untitled 1-1020112012.010.003 a-j