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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileElsie Dinsmore Popkin Libe Slope, October View20012004.008
Media FilePeter Ragee Dogsled (Mushing)20012013.043.005
Media FileElsie Dinsmore Popkin View from the Statler: Libe Tower and Sage Hall, July 200220022003.079
John Raimondi Study for Miles20012005.080
Nicola Tyson Untitled20032007.078
Rozeal (formerly known as Iona Rozeal Brown) a3 #16 w.o.i.m.s.20042004.025
Kerry James Marshall Study for Vignette #220042004.061
Media FilePeter Ragee Seal Hunter [aiming harpoon]20042013.043.002
Media FilePeter Ragee Seal Hunter [with captured seal]20042013.043.003
Media FilePeter Ragee Blanket Toss20042013.043.006