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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Victoria Gitman A Beauty20072007.009
Kamrooz Aram From the Series Mystical Visions and Cosmic Vibrations20072008.007
Brian Rutenberg Untitled (Trees)20072009.030.001
Media FileAdam Fowler Untitled (14 layers)20072013.033
Laylah Ali Untitled (Type)20062008.006
Media FileDavid Maxim Untitled (2006-55)20062009.079.001
Media FileSeher Shah Interior Courtyard I20062012.010.006
Robyn O'Neil Sweet companions remain ignored, and now it is known—a nether sky20052005.019
Chloe Piene Sleeper 0620052005.060
Kehinde Wiley Passing/Posing Untitled 120052005.089