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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Blanche Lazzell UntitledMarch 19382000.004
Sir Jacob Epstein Portrait of Dr. Irving Epstein2000.013
Jean Baptiste Greuze Sketch of a Hand2000.018
Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi A Tree/Landscape with Trees2000.031
Herman Armour Webster Via Guicciardini, Florence2000.035.002
Gerald L. Brockhurst Anais (Girl with a Basket)19242000.143.001
Media FileRené Portocarrero La Mujer19382000.177.005
Media FileAntonia Eiriz Untitled2000.177.010
Media FileJavanese Scene from the Ramayana20th century2001.014
Media FileGene Davis GD349 Untitled19572001.015.001