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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Chinese Small burial jar with two loop handlesNeolithic period (10,000-ca. 2100 B.C.); ca. 2500 B.C.77.084.002
Chinese, Neolithic Yangshao culture Jar with painted designsca. 2500 BC2006.041.010
Chinese, Gansu province Jarca. 2500 BC2010.097.001
Chinese, Gansu province Jarca. 2500 BC2010.097.002
Valdivia (Ecuador) Standing Female Figurineca. 2300-2000 B.C.74.053.048
Valdivia (Ecuador) Standing Female Figureca. 2300-2000 B.C.74.053.053
Chinese Two-handled Machang potca. 2300–2000 BC90.026.001
Chinese Ma-chang PotLate Neolithic Period (ca. 2300-2000 B.C.)94.045
Valdivia Phase III (Ecuador) Pregnant Female "Venus" Figurine2300-2000 BC2006.070.005
Media FileValdivia Phase III (Ecuador) Female "Venus" Figurine2300-2000 BC2006.070.006