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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileSam Jury Forever is Never20072009.026
Media FilePatricia Johanson Stephen Long19682013.040
Media FileBruce Nauman Record (Violin Problem No. 2; Rhythmic Stamping), from 7 Objects/69196973.058.004
Media FileJohn Reilly Lifestyle: Experiment in Feedback197274.046.001
Media FileJames Diving Triptych to Hieronymous197474.046.002
Media FileDavid Laton Carousel Series197274.046.004
Media FileNam June Paik Global Groove197374.046.005 a
Media FileVideofreex Video Games197374.046.005 b
Media FilePeter Campus Peter Campus197474.046.005 c
Media File The Television Show I197374.046.006