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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileManteno (Mantena) Bowlca. 500 A.D.86.026.059
Stampca. 500 A.D.86.026.060
Chancay (Peru) Doll1000-1400 A.D.86.089.032
Media FileChimu Slit-Woven Tapestry Panel1000-1470 A.D.89.013
Nayarit (Mexico) Seated Warrior Figure with Baton100 BC- 250 AD89.020.001
Nayarit (Mexico) Seated Warrior Figure Holding Star100 BC-250 AD89.020.002
Moche (Peru) Double-chambered Stirrup Spout Effigy Vessel200-500 A.D.92.018.011
Moche (Peru) Human Effigy Jar200-500 AD92.018.012
Media FileNazca (Peru) Polychrome Bowl200-500 AD92.018.013
Nazca (Peru) Bowl With Trophy Heads200-500 AD92.018.014