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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileChimu-Inca (Peru) Aryballoid jarca. 1470-153256.167
Chimu-Inca (Peru) Double-chambered Whistling PotAD 1470-153256.161
Media FileChimu-Inca (Peru) Monkey Effigy Jarca. 1470-153256.166
Chimu-Inca (Peru) Double-chambered Potca 1470-153256.207
Media FileChimu-Inca (Peru) Face-neck Bottleca. 1470-153256.226
Media FileChimu-Inca (Peru) Lucuma Effigy Bottle with Monkeyca. 1470-153256.234
Media FileChimu-Inca Aryballoid Jar (Urpu)AD 1470-153256.169
Cholula (Mexico) Conical Goblet With Pedestal Base1480-1520 AD2000.085
Media FileAztec (Mexico) Pitcher1480-1520 AD2000.086
Media FileAndean Beltpossibly 16th century2011.081.001