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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileUnidentified artistMexican Maskmodern70.078
Duane PascoTlingit Mask72.053
Media FileUnidentified artistZuni (USA) Turquoise Bear Fetish72.055
Media FileUnidentified artistZuni (USA) Human Fetish72.056
Media FileUnidentified artistTsimshian Shaman's Rattle73.031.009
Vincent Shaughnessy, Kwakiutl (Canada)Kwakiutl (Canada) Sea Monster Mask80.023.005
Media FileJames Johnny, Sr.Kwakiutl (Canada) Kwakiutl painted wood and mask81.054.010
Media FileUnidentified artistPueblo (USA) Bowl94.047
Unidentified artistNative American (SW United States) Bowl with stick-line designs of deer, and alternating red and buff color decoration2011.007.038
Unidentified artistAcoma Pueblo (New Mexico) Footed Bowl2011.007.039