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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Archibald Knox Pair of candlesticks with double candle cupsca. 190099.078.122 a,b
United States Vase20th century99.078.123
Dale Chihuly Nesting Bowls199299.078.124 a-g
Richard Marquis Vase, Teapot Vaseca. 198999.078.125
Koloman Moser Vase, Red and Green Glassca. 190099.078.126
Media FileToots Zynsky Tierra del Fuego198999.078.127
Kathy Butterly Exhale199799.078.128
Peter Behrens Electric teapotca. 190999.078.129
Christopher Dresser Vaseca. 189099.078.130
Viola Frey Figure and horse99.078.131