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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Taras, silver stater (coin)ca. 300-200 B.C.2002.021.012
Roman/Egyptian Tetradrachm (coin)305-283 B.C.2003.013.014
Egyptian Ptolemy I electrum tetradrachm (coin)305 - 283 B.C.2002.021.006
Alexander III, the Great posthumous silver drachm (coin)320-290 B.C.2002.021.029
Greek Tetradrachm (coin)336-323 B.C.2003.013.012
Media FileGreek Tetradrachm (coin)336-323 B.C.2003.013.005
Kingdom of Macedonia Alexander III the Great, silver tetradrachm (coin)336 B.C.2000.024.003
Greek Drachm (coin)ca. 340 B.C.2003.013.004
Phillip II of Macedon359-336 B.C.2000.024.004
Greek Lesbos/Mytilene, electrum hecte (Coin)360 B.C.2001.002.006