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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileA.O. Ameis Columbus / World's Columbian Exposition Administration Bldg.189394.007.003
Media FileBlanch Ames American Orchid Society Award Medal94.007.216
Media FileHans Munch Anderson Bowl82.024
Charles Robert Ashbee Covered muffin dishca. 190099.078.100
Charles Robert Ashbee Dish or porringer with green glass liner190399.078.099
Charles Robert Ashbee Covered goblet190199.078.101 a,b
Charles Robert Ashbee Compote dish with green glass liner190199.078.112
Lloyd Atkins Monkey crystal figurelate 20th century99.073.001
Lloyd Atkins Bull (toro)late 20th century99.073.002
Lloyd Atkins Turtlelate 20th century99.073.003