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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Tabwa (Democratic Republic of Congo) Wood drum89.015.043
Media FileUnknown Wood spear89.015.054
Media FileFon (Benin and Togo) Wrapped figure2006.089.007
Media File Yoke-shaped adornment with three pointed protrusions of twisted metal2006.040.022
Media FileNigeria Yoruba Brass Anklet2001.048.002
Media FileNigeria Yoruba Brass Anklet2001.048.024
Media FileZaire Zaire Copper Alloy Bracelet2001.048.052
Media FileZaire Zaire Copper Alloy Bracelet2001.048.053
Media FileZaire Zaire Massive Copper Alloy Anklet2001.048.007
Media FileBamana (Mali) Zoomorphic dance mask83.103.004