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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Media FileNupe Duna (ceremonial wrapper)mid-20th century2003.069.002
Fante (Ghana) Asafo flag (frankaa)mid-20th century2003.069.003
Kirdi (Cameroon) Woman's apronmid 20th century2003.069.004
Kirdi (Cameroon) Woman's Apronmid 20th century2003.069.005
Media FileFulani Arkila kerka (wedding blanket)ca. 1963 (collected 1988)2003.069.001
Baule (Ivory Coast) Standing male figureca. 195081.024.014
Media FileAnyi (or Agni) people (Krinjabo, Ivory Coast) Funerary figurecollected 19602011.039.002
Media FileDan-Ngere people (Liberia) Mask with projecting, cylindrical eyes and three small metal "hooks" in foreheadcollected early 1960s2011.039.003
Media FileNigerian Textile from Enugucollected 19642009.031