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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Unidentified artistChinese "Hill Jar" incense burner86.121.007
Makonde (Mozambique) "Lipiko" mask of a middle-aged woman with horizontal ears and scattered tufts of short hair2010.104.002
Edward McCartan "Peace on the New World", Society of the Medallist 19th Issue193994.007.125
Tiffany Glass & Decorating Company 100 Years of Peace between Great Britain and the United States191594.007.325
Julio Kilenyi 1939 New York World's Fair Medal, 1939193994.007.114
Chinese 2-Handled Vessel2002.134
Jules Edouard Roine Abraham Lincoln Centenial Plaquette190894.007.173
Salathiel Ellis Abraham Lincoln Indian Peace Medal, 1862186295.007.034
Mezcala (Mezcala River Basin, Guerrero, Mexico) Abstract human effigy figureca. 300-100 BC2006.104.007
Dan Adze86.015.006 a,b