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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
(Cameroon) Stool89.016.018
(Ghana; Komaland region) Funerary head91.001.035
(Peru) Multiple Heads Textile Fragment1000-1400 A.D.70.166
Unidentified artistAcoma (USA) Water jar19th Century77.050.001
Afikpo (Nigeria) Initiate's mask (mbubu)92.005.012
African Game Board91.099.003
Akan (Ghana) Geometric goldweight73.025.016
Unidentified artistAkan (Ghana) Goldweight of birds on pole73.031.007
Akan (Ghana) Goldweight in form of seated figure, smoking pipe, on stool86.089.012
Akan (Ghana) Comb with three figures90.016.019