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Related PeopleCultureTitleDateObject Number
Unidentified artistChinese Warrior on horse in armorNorthern Dynasties (386-581)84.094
Charles Cushing Wright Washington Allston American Art-Union Medal, 1847184794.007.209
Unidentified artistAcoma (USA) Water jar19th Century77.050.001
Unidentified artistZia Pueblo, New Mexico Water jar with bird decoration1800-185077.050.004
Chinese, Henan or Hebei province Well-head1st or 2nd century2008.072.034
Jama-Coaque (Ecuador) Were-Jaguar Effigy Bottleca. 300-1. B.C.74.053.058
Unidentified artistVeracruz (Mexico) Were-jaguar with half-mask150 B.C. - A.D. 25073.013.004
Chokwe (Democratic Republic of Congo) Whistle84.012.024
Between Chorrera and Bahia Phases (Ecuador) Whistling Bottleca. 500-300 B.C.74.053.008
Daniel Chester French William Brewster / American Ornithologist Union Plaquette191994.007.347